Friday, April 21, 2000

Candy, finally Candy!

I have been pigging out on Easter candy, and the kids received a big bagful last night from B.C. thanks Aunty Susan! But they have been bouncing off the walls, so I am passing the love onto you, but in the cavity free form! You'll receive what you see here and I will throw in a few extras... but I already too the pic...
Okay so here's the rules.... you don't have to become a follower, unless you want to of However I would love you to post my candy on your sidebar with a link back here.... Just leave me a comment and let me know you did so, Simple huh? If you are already a follower you will be automatically entered, and if you post the candy you'll be entered twice!
I will make the draw on May 9th - Mother's Day!
Don't forget to check out the Prairie Fairy's Candy and Corry's Candy!
This post will remain at the top until May 9th, scroll down to see new posts!!!!

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