Thursday, January 14, 2010

Missing You

I thought this image would make a nice card to send to my Aunt in Nanaimo, BC, who spoils my kids rotten, she always sends them a parcel stuffed with candies, granola bars, dunkaroos, gummie snacks and small little gifts. We pick our mail up at the post office, so it's really exciting for the kids to go to the mail and find a parcel slip and then get their package. I'll have the kids sign this one and let her and my Uncle know how much we miss them, and wish they lived closer. This image is available at


Margreet said...

great card Lori........fab colours........your auntie will love it!
xxx Margreet

Roberta Laliberte said...

You stallion! You are a work horse, do you ever run out of ideas!!!! Corry and I were discussing just this morning about how amazing you are!


Anonymous said...

super cute card lori! i love your coloring :)
thanks for becoming a follower!


Cor* said...

Yes, we were.......(Bert and I), and were wondering if your ears were ringing? I think Bert has a business venture for you, since you are such an artiste!!

BTW- love the card!!