Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A crazy story

So I was never completely satisfied with this card so I finally have it close to where I'm happy only because I wanted to post a picture to go with my

To start, hubby is away at school and only comes home every other weekend, so I am alone with the kiddies. Well last night at 2:30am, I awoke to knocking at my door. It was pitch black in my garage where the door is where the person was knocking. Now I live in a small town where people are not out at 2:30am, especially on a Tuesday night. I was so scared I hid at the top of the stairs with my door in sight. Praying whoever it was would leave because in order to get to my phone I would have to walk right past it. And I knew my back door was open so I thought if I see this person walk past my front window which was also in sight (I could see from my upper level to the living room where there was a gap in the curtains) that I would run to the kitchen and lock the backdoor and grab the phone or a Then the knock turned to a pounding agressive banging and the door handle started to get jiggled.... OMG I was panicking.... All of a sudden I saw a second person come in sight at my living room window from the backyard. They stopped and I could tell they could see my silhouette at the top of the stairs. I thought well they know someone is here I better answer! I turned on the hall light, then the garage light and said who's there. "Police", I said "Where's your I.D.?" (like the RCMP uniform wasn't enough). He said through the door he thought someone was trying to break in and wanted to make sure everyone was okay. I opened the door and went to my outer garage door where he showed me a banged up piece at the bottom of my door. Oh I said that was already like that. "but there's a foot print on the door" he said. No, that's treads from my kids bikes. Then the other officer said your van door isn't properly closed. I explained I have 3 little ones and sometimes that happens. I told them they scared the $%&@ out of me and thanked them as well. But I'll tell you, he was ready to enter my home and if my door was open he would have been clobbered. I was ready to call the Police myself....lmao! I was so scared it took me until 4:30am to finally fall asleep. And I am locking both doors and sleeping with my phone tonight.

My card is for the following challenges.... Charisma, Crafty Angels, Bizzy Becs, Crafty Creations, Flutterby Wednesdays.


Wishcraft said...

Oh my goodness, you must have been terrified! I don't think I'd have fallen asleep for a week after that, poor you!

Love your card though, it's gorgeous as always. Fab papers and beautiful colouring. Lisa x

Janet said...

Awww...that would have scared the pants off me too! At least you have attentive police officers--even if they are scary.

On the card front, I like your color choices today.

Stef H said...

omg! i'm shaking just reading this! thank goodness you asked all the proper questions and didn't let them in! good girl!

and absolutely gorgeous card! love those colors!

Anonymous said...

Oh my that would have terrified me as well.. Beautiful card.

Jodi said...

Oh Lori, I would have been freaking out too!! I surely would not have been able to fall asleep for a while after that. I love this card you made, the colors are perfect together and your image is too cute!
Jodi =)

Cor* said...

Oh I just love the crazy life you live and love reading about them even more! You crack me up. I assume you fixed your hair a bit (for mR. RCMP officer)lol. I would have!
I also love your card. Colors are great!

As for my blog.....Mrs. PF herself set me up with my own private photo studio (2 sheets of cardstock) beside my dining room window for natural light, no flash needed! Wonderful isn't it.

I recognize some flowers you used, perhaps you will recognize some of mine in future posts (remember I went to Selkirk today) lol

Kelly said...

Lori, first I will comment on your card, as this whole story is just too easy to make fun of. Just when I thought you couldn't get any better with your coloring, you go and prove me wrong. Your fairy's dress, etc. is exquisite. I also love all the glitter on your flowers.

Now to laugh,first yes it would have been very scary. Although, knowing our police officers if they knew your hubby was away maybe they just wanted to see you in your p.j.'s. Like Corry, yep I hope your hair was looking F-I-N-E!!!

Sue said...

Hi Lori
bloody hell woman that should have had a warning on it, i was bricking it reading that woman!!!. BUT HUN now im gonna slap your legs, LOCK ya bloody door every nite!! Glad all ok hun, if it wasnt so early i would have a brandy!!

Gorgeous card hun, luv the colour combo, beautiful papers & embelies, sue,x

Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Gorgeous card! I love the colours and papers ++ every detail on it!! I love blue colours and turquoise is one of my favourites! :)

What to say on your crazy story?..
Exciting reading, for sure - glad everything ended well, there!... Lock the doors before you get to bed at night, please! (*lol* ....)

Have a great day! Hugs, Hege

Tracy said...

What a night you had, i'd have been really frightened, lock both doors tonight and take care. I love your card, the colours are great and the image is so sweet.
Happy crafting
Sleep well
Tracy x

Juls said...

Fab...gorgeous colours, pretty image! Love all the beautiful details hugs Juls

Trisha said...

Yikes-I know that feeling all to well, but it was not the cops in my house!! They came later, but were of no help to me-I was already flipping out! We need to chat more about this later, k? On a good note-I love the card, beautiful image, lay-out and the coloring-magnifico!! Luv ya, Trish

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

OhMyGoodness! How scarey! but I'm glad to hear that everything is okay and that it was the cops that were there to make sure that everything was okay! You poor thing! I would be sleeping with the lights on for a while after, I'm a chicken like that ;)

Your card is gorgeous! I love the colors and sparkle! Beautiful work as always, Lori :)

hugs to you and your lil ones!

raindropecho said...

This is soooo sweet, Lori! Love the colors you put together and those flowers are GORGEOUS!
- Ann

Danni said...

Such a gorgeous card! Such vibrant colors!
I'd have been scared silly!! Goodness what an experience!

Danni said...

Forgot to say, thanks for playing along with my flutter by challenge!

Shirl said...

Wow Lori your one brave lady I would still be under the covers. Thank goodness all is Ok but lock the doors in future...this is from one who lives in a small village and also forgets to lock doors.
On another note your card is stunning, colours are sooo pretty.
Thanks for sharing with us at Crafty Angels.
Hugs Shirley x x x

CarlaKH said...

Beautiful card! I love the colors.. and your story! WOW I would have been freaked right out! Glad everything was ok!

Shelly said...

What a scary experience! You would have thought that he would yell that he was the police while he was knocking on your door. If gray hairs start sprouting you'll know what to blame it on. :)

Your card is beautiful. So sweet and delicate. I love it.

Cheryl said...

WOW just love the gorgeous colours and papers.......such a pretty card!!! Thanks for joining us at Creatalicious!!

Kimberly S said...

What a gorgeous card! Beautiful coloring and the colors you've used are so pretty! Thanks so much for joining us for Flutter By Wednesday! :)