Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Award from Margreet

I got this lovely award from Margreet, thank you sweetie! And I am to pass it along to 5 people as well as tell 7 things about here are the 5 people, I have chosen 5 people I know that inspire me, we are all nearby and feed off of eachothers creations, thanks for the fun times gals!
1. Roberta
2. Corry
3. Trisha
4. Kelly
5. Debs.

And as for 7 things about myself....hummmmm well I think I said it before but I absolutely hate anything to do with exercising hahahahaha which is surprising as I was a very athletic child/teen, probably still am, but if you attach the word exercise forget it! Two is I have been married for 12 years this August and have 2 boys and a girl. Three is I broke my wrist bike riding when I was 11. My handle bar got caught in a boys pocket who was riding too close to me and I wiped out and broke it. My Mom sent me to school the next day because she thought it was, but I ended up at the doctor and in a cast! Four is I take my coffee black, that way I don't have to worry if I'm out of cream or sugar. Hmmm five... I was the Junior High Valedictorian for grades k-9 and I wore a pink taffeta dress. We had a huge formal celebration, we had dates and went on an evening boat cruise. Six is I work for the local community newspaper. And finally number seven I am completely utterly addicted to carbohydrates, I just can't resist!


Margreet said...

You really deserve it, Lori.....learned a lot about you with your 7 'confessions'.....and you know I'm so jealous of you with your crafting neighbours!
xxx Margreet

Mandy said...

Congrats on your award hun, I am amazed you have any time to creative such beautiful cards with the 3 kiddies and working Lori, or should I say superwoman lol
hugs Mandy xx

Roberta Laliberte said...

AWEEEEE thanks Lori!

Debs said...

What a sweetie you are. Thank you for the award. I so truly appreciate all the fab and encouraging comments you leave for me. Your creations inspire me to do better. Thanks sooooo much.